The T-Bar

Summer is the season for shirts, shorts and thongs. While thongs and shorts are great ways of complementing an outfit, they do not really dictate the entire get-up, and therefore it is essential to have expressive shirts that really make the outfit you are wearing.

One store that believes in this theory is the T-Bar in Australia.

T-Bar believes the T-Shirt is the most dominant form of personal expression and that individualistic, style-driven, high quality T-Shirts are essential in this day and age.

The store regularly injects new styles and flavours in to the fashion industry, and one of their best ideas is to maintain individuality.

The T-Bar has a policy whereby no particular design can have more than 50 cuts nationwide. This reduces the chance of seeing someone else with your shirt on, and increases the individuality aspect of clothing.

To spread the creative vibe and the idea that art and design can be worn, the T-Bar also invites local and international artists to create their very own T-Bar designs.

There are frequent guests artists and numerous one of designs by random student designers.

The T-Bar franchise has 14 stores across Australia and one in Singapore, and the chain really has an underground cult feel to it.

They do not advertise and are solely driven by word of mouth.

The T-Bar really is a must see store for all the t-shirt lovers across the world, and with no shirt more than $40, they are also a bargain deal.

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One Response to The T-Bar

  1. Stuart Dempsy August 24, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    A little tubby gay kid form Melbourne started the T-Bar a few years ago. Cotton-on have since purchased it for an absolute steal! David Brettell paid about 5% of what the brand will be worth in 12 months….silly move from the tubby kid, his hunger for pie was too tempting…should have left the business in the oven for another 2 years and then sold!

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