2011 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

The 2011 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is on and autumn fashion is on everyone’s lips. We’re all talking about how much style and glamour the event brings to Australia’s fashion capital, the international and national exposure we will be getting, the designers and of course the clothes – who can forget the clothes. Also the models, can’t forget the models either.

But let’s digress a little. Oh don’t pout, read on and I promise I will make up for it. By the end of this article I’ll let you in on what’s coming our way from Paris.

Many view fashion as a luxury; something we want but that is largely expensive. That’s not necessarily the case. I’ve been a student for the past three years (which naturally translates to “I’ve been close to broke the past three years”) and have realised that you don’t have to live off 2minute noodles to dress great.

I have a little proposition. How about this autumn we redefine fashion, into what it is meant to be; a mode of self-expression. This season let’s invest in a handful of key pieces and work our existing wardrobe, and in turn ourselves, into them.

As generic as this may sound, it is crucial to invest in a few key pieces that will see you through the season. Let’s start with what to expect this autumn. Double breasted coats or aviator jackets are a must have and will keep you cosy on those chilly nights. Layer a loose kimono style top with a chunky cardigan, bring it together with a pair of your super skinny jeans or leather tights and you’re set no matter what the weather. Make sure there’s detail to your outfit with bold jewellery and sequins. Finish off your outfit with a pair of chunky boots with knee high socks, and a floppy hat if it’s not too windy. Mix and match the basics with what you already have and you will create an autumn style all your own.

Now as promised, a good friend of mine just got back from Paris with news of fashion trends that will surely make their way to Australia in the coming months. The French are reliving the 70’s with plaid skirts, frilly blouses and flared pants.  Wool tops and dresses are bound to come in handy for those crazy Melbourne weather days and as for shoes – biker boots are back.

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