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New fashion Trends for hair

With the change in seasons there is a change in women’s wardrobes, not just in the types of clothing they wear; heavy jumpers for winter and dresses for summer. As each season comes around there are new trends to follow, new items to try on and new accessories to be found. The one thing that […]

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Trench Coats

Trends are always a controversial and trivial topic to write about, especially when it comes to fashion. In 2010, there will be many news threads making its way into our clothing stores, some will be loved, some barely acknowledged, and others hated.

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A Decade of Trends

It’s been a long decade for the fashion world where many interesting and new trend have come up against some age old stayers. The naughties have brought many vibrant colours, advanced designs and some complete out of left field pieces. takes a look at some of the hits and misses in the past ten […]

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Presentation Wear

Face to face presentations are a part of every workplace, and almost every university course. One of the most thought about things every time you step up to make your speech is not what to say, or how to say it, but rather what you are carrying in your body.

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Fake Tan Officially Out!

The news seems to have finally arrived….. Fake tans are officially out! Now that the orange glows, and fake mahogany tans, are truly dead in the water there is less desire to show flesh; instead there is a new desire to simply display the natural skin tones of birthright. 

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What Not to Wear This Summer

Summer time is a great season to show off some of your favourite colourful items, as well as being able to take a few risks. The hot weather usually reduces the critics claws, and allows a bit more diversity than usually seen in the colder, winter months.

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Summertime Trends

Summertime has hit the Southern Hemisphere in the past few weeks, and with it brings a whole new range of clothes for the public. Winter scarves, jackets, hoodies, cats and boots have been put back into the closets and replaced by shorts, skirts, thongs and lightweight tops and dresses.

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Black the New White When it Comes to Shoes

It seems the times are changing in the foot fashion department, with a strong shift away from the white shoe, and a surge in popularity in the black shoe.

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