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Black the New White When it Comes to Shoes

It seems the times are changing in the foot fashion department, with a strong shift away from the white shoe, and a surge in popularity in the black shoe.

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Olsenhaus Pure Vegan Footwear- A Shoe For All Styles

They say shoes are the one shopping obsession girls can’t live without, and I would definitely have to agree. Shoes are like fine dining: expensive but extremely fulfilling and satisfying. And with Olsenhaus Pure Vegan Footwear on the market, who can blame a girl for indulging in the best natural ingredients.

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Adidas 3way Collection

Some say that shoes, alongside diamonds are a girl’s best friend and for some boys this can also ring true. Minus the diamonds, many men have a shoe addiction worse than the average woman and the new shoes in the “3 way” collection from Adidas are sure to be added to their shoe pile up.

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