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The T-Bar

Summer is the season for shirts, shorts and thongs. While thongs and shorts are great ways of complementing an outfit, they do not really dictate the entire get-up, and therefore it is essential to have expressive shirts that really make the outfit you are wearing.

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Plain T-Shirts

Every year we welcome new trends and say goodbye to the old, outdated styles we were so used to the year before. This year, it seems one of the trends which is taking over is the use of the plain t-shirt. Plain shirts are something that was almost frowned upon a few years ago.

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What colours suit you?!

It’s hard to tell what colours suit your skin tone, hair and eye colour. The wrong one can completely drain you, making you look ill, but the right colour can transform your look, making you look younger and more radiant.

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Gypsy 05 Collection for Oct/Nov 2009

American eco-fashion label Gypsy 05, have just launched their Oct/Nov 09 collection – I want every single piece!!

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Trixan Body – shh!

Summer is coming!! If you’ve over indulged this winter, it’s time to start thinking about the summer months that are soon to be upon us – think about fitting into your bikini and little short-shorts. You’ve still got time to start eating healthily and hitting the gym. But if you’ve got an important event coming […]

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Evil Twin’s new collection

The fabulous new “trashy street glam” label Evil Twin has come to our attention and we bow down in her presence.

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Borrow Designer Clothes

Celebrities are always harking on about how they borrow designer clothes, that they don’t actually own these things. It doesn’t stop me being envious though!

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Toddy Winter PJs

With the weather cold and rainy, all we really want to do is snuggle up indoors in our favourite Pyjamas and Australian fashion label Toddy have released a new range of PJs to help. Brush aside your Peter Alexander PJs for a night and try to snuggle up Australian style.

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